Patanjali Yoga Darshana (English)
Patanjali Yoga Darshana (English)
Patanjali Yoga Darshana (English)

Patanjali Yoga Darshana (English)

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  • Swami Ananda Rishi is a well-known ardent student of Yoga and spirituality in general. He is a learned person with a lovable nature and behaviour which is full of simplicity, honesty and modesty. Similar to his nature. His writing style is also very simple, lucid and easy to understand. Like a bom teacher, he explains complex spiritual, philosophical and yogic concepts step-by-step in simple words following a popular style of elaborate narration, full of anecdotes etc. which is akin to that usually adopted by Haridasi Kirtankar.

  • Like “Acharya” i.e. one who teaches the students by his own behaviour the author's teaching is adequately backed by properly evaluated thoughts and experience which makes the readers more confident to go for putting the same into actual practice. This helpful approach makes everything so simple for the students of yoga to quickly understand, digest, assimilate & practise correctly what has been said in this book. I am sure, this book will be of immense help in understanding and practising yoga for achieving the desired results.

 (Excerpts from “Foreword” by Padmashn Yogacharya Sadashv Nimbalkar)

  • Author has discussed the ancient scriptures in modem times He first explains the meaning of each Sutra ie. aphorism of Patanjalayogadarsana. He then discusses the Sutra in the light of commentaries written by Vyasa, Vachaspati Mishra, Swami Vivekananda, Dr. Taimini, Dr. Karambelkar and of course Osho & many others. He then gives his own views on the topic. This more than justifies the title of the book “Patanjalayogadarsana : A Comparative Study”

  • The discussion on different perspectives is like churning the milk to get The appendices are extremely useful. For a student of Yoga, this real treasure. Maharshi Patanjali has given a technically sound system for emancipation. This book is, therefore, an excellent guide for those who want take up this spiritual journey

 (Excerpts from “Preface” by Prof. Dr. Shriram Agashe)

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