Nisargahar (English)
Nisargahar (English)
Nisargahar (English)

Nisargahar (English)

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  • From health point of view it is more important to see how the food is cooked and what is the combination of food in the recipe than weather it is vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Consumption of milk products along with non vegetarian items or combination of fruits with milk or salads mixed with curd are all categorised as Viruddhahar (wrong combination of food).

  • Food remains in the stomach for 3-4 hours only when the diet contains protein, else it moves ahead faster.

  • Extract of one to two lemons taken on an empty stomach is an excellent remedy for various diseases like acidity, joint pains, viral infections, bone degeneration, urinary disorders, cancer etc; whereas wrong combination of lemon juice with carbohydrates in any form (sugar, starches) causes an increase in acidity and leads to the above mentioned diseases.

  • Mere nutrition in diet is not enough but it's assimilation is more important. Assimilation of nutrition from synthetic, canned food is not only meagre but the synthetic colours, flavours and preservatives used in them are also harmful to health.

  • Natural diet of our ancestors and prehistoric man was the same as that of apes which largely contained fruits, raw vegetables, cereals, nuts and tubers.

  • Sugar, refined oil, hydrogenated vegetable oil increase acidity in the body on a large scale.

  • Fresh vegetables, fruits maintain alkalinity within the body (blood pH 7.4)

  • Course diet is good for health; stickier the diet, more detrimental it is for the health.

  • It is true that excessive consumption of saturated fatty acids increases undesirable fat in the body. However unsaturated fatty acids are more harmful because of the free radicals they produce due to frying and tempering

  • Avoiding ghee, cheese and fried items, brisk walking, other exercises and Yogabhyas; regular intake of chutneys made from nuts, dry fruits, small amount of ghee of desi cow helps to keep blood cholesterol at moderate levels.

  • Various health promoting recipes of vegetables without tempering are mentioned in the book.

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