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Dhyana Sadhana Hindi
Dhyana Sadhana (Marathi)

Dhyana Sadhana (Marathi)

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Easy-Effortless MEDITATION (Dhyanasadhana)

Highlights of the book

  • Shri Nimbalkar Guruji, with his vast experience in the field of yoga, has explained the intricate subject like Antaranga Yoga (Dharana, Dhyana Samadhi) in a very simple and lucid language. This subject has become very easy to understand and touches the heart because of the interesting stories told in between.

  • Detailed information is given about various types of Dhyanas like Pranadharana, Sakshibhavana, Nadanusandhana, Kayanusandhana, Omkar Dhyanasadhana, 

Ajapa japa, etc.

  • This book presents an excellent integration of the theories and philosophies from various Yogic scriptures like Patanjal Yoga Darshana, Hatha Pradipik Gheranda Samhita and their relevance to Dhyanasadhana alongside the descriptions of preparations required for Dhyanasadhana.

  • The root cause of various psycho-somatic diseases like High B.P,  Diabetes, Arthritis, Asthma, Insomnia, etc. lies in mental stress. Due to the fast and competitive life-style of modern day society, the stress-related diseases and disorders are going out of control. The mental stress gets sublimed with Meditation (Dhyanasadhana) which has proved to be an excellent remedy for psycho-somatic diseases.

  • Apart from being an excellent book for reading and contemplation, this book will undoubtedly serve as a very useful guide for people from all strata of society who want to make their personality well-balanced, calmposed and free from stress-related psycho-somatic diseases/disorders

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